Near Real-Time Domain Analytics TrafficZ understands that domain asset holders are constantly making significant business decisions based on their domain analytics; therefore, providing each client with as much insight as possible into their domain’s performance is extremely important. TrafficZ reports, in near real-time, the amount of landings, uniques, searches, clicks, click thru rate, impressions, cost per clicks, revenue per thousands and total revenue. In addition, TrafficZ provides referrer data, geo-IP mapping of clicks and search term data. By using the Domain Manager, our clients can effortlessly locate any data set for any data range they specify. TrafficZ also offers an email option where larger sets of data are compiled and emailed to the requesting client upon full compilation. Don’t understand a report or need a lesson on your stats? No worries! Just ask your Account Manager and they’ll be happy to provide some guidance.

Mass Import and Modification of Domain Portfolios TrafficZ offers its clients two methods of importation of large domain portfolios. Clients may perform a simple import by uploading a TXT or CSV file listing their domains. If clients wish to optimize their domains or modify their domain settings at the same time of importation, they may do so by exporting a CSV file from the Domain Manager that includes a list of setting headers.

Dynamic Revenue Share TrafficZ proved to be a pioneer when introducing the industry's first dynamic revenue share model. Under this default payment method, revenue shares automatically adjust on a daily basis as a portfolios meets certain pre-set and proprietary thresholds. Revenue shares range from a default base share of fifty percent to eighty five percent of revenue generated. While revenue share has the potential to increase daily, it will not decrease below the base share. Quite simply, the greater the volume and the higher the quality of traffic that flows through a TrafficZ account, the higher the revenue share that account will earn.

Optimization Tools and Auto-Optimization Capabilities TrafficZ emphasizes the importance of proper optimization and relevant image placement. TrafficZ's advanced optimization technology analyzes and optimizes a domain upon importation into the Domain Manager and continues this optimization based on user interactions. Mass, manual domain optimization is also available to clients through a CSV upload tool.

Relevant Domain Templates and Images TrafficZ was the first monetization service to reject the notion of the bland, boring and irrelevant parked domains. TrafficZ clients enjoy the highest click-thru rates thanks to the template designs that favor relevant images, dynamic content and unique layouts. TrafficZ clients currently enjoy over twenty unique templates with over fifty unique styles. In addition, TrafficZ is constantly adding to a library of images which are automatically generated for each relevant keyword.

Trademark Filtering In an effort to protect both trademark owners, advertisers and domain owners, TrafficZ has implemented proprietary trademark filtering technology which allows domain managers to easily identify and manage potential trademarked domains. This unique technology uses proprietary data to semantically identify trademarked domains and subsequently filter content and advertisers from appearing on that domain. This unique technology helps corporations, domainers and individuals protect their assets.

Monetization Options Partners have the option to choose from PPC (pay per click), CPA (cost per action), Rich Content and Zero Click. Your assigned TrafficZ Account Manager can help you decide on your best options. PPC or “pay per click” quite simply means you get paid when the end user clicks on an advertiser's ad. Our current PPC stats have proven to be some of the highest in the industry. CPA monetization or “cost per action” means clients get paid when a user converts on a certain action such as submitting information via a form or making a purchase with an advertiser. The payout for CPA is generally a lot higher than standard PPC because the user is required to take an action. The Rich Content model sheds the appearance of a landing site and enables partners to create an infinite number of web pages and sub-domains. Rich Content pages may be tied to search terms so that end users can easily and effectively navigate to a web page or sub-domain. Finally, TrafficZ utilizes Zero Click monetization. Revenue is generated every time a visitor is redirected to an advertiser.

Domain Sales Platform TrafficZ offers clients a simple way to advertise their domains for sale by selecting the appropriate status in the system. This lists the domain through our partner, Aftermarket.com. According to feedback and data from our clients, domain asset holders who park their domains with TrafficZ experience, on average, an increase of more than 600% in domain sales compared to parking their domains with other parking companies. TrafficZ clients must create an account with Aftermarket.com to get full access to all domain sales statistics.