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James West

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Kay Wang
Don't Blink Media

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Kevin J. Sinclair
San Carlos, CA, US

We run a diversified portfolio of domain names for a number of clients. We have been using Trafficz for nearly 2 years now and find them excellent in all departments. Their stats enable us to make informed and sensible decisions about individual domains. Their payouts are prompt and correct. Their customer service is second to none, and accomplished with a happy and cheery demeanour. They are unfailingly helpful when there is a problem and, in my view, really care about their client's business. Their offering has enabled us to expand our business in several directions and, most importantly, profitably. I would heartily recommend Trafficz to anyone who wants to get the most from his or her portfolio.
Temple Melville
Temelco Ltd
Domain Management and Investment

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Tim Groeger

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Mark Stembler

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Rob Grant